YouTube Says It Will Soon Monetize ‘edgier Content’

YouTube chief operating officer Susan Wojcicki's final creator's letter of 2019 guarantees additional monetisation choices within the works for creators. YouTube chief operating officer Susan Wojcicki's final creator's letter of 2019 guarantees additional monetisation choices within the works for creators.

By Matt Binder2019-11-21 22:45:11 Greenwich Time
YouTube has detected the foremost recent considerations and complaints from its creators loud and clear.

In her last quarterly creator's letter of the year, YouTube chief operating officer Susan Wojcicki ordered out a variety of updates within the works for creators UN agency might not build the foremost family-friendly content.

“We’re operating to spot advertisers UN agency have an interest in edgier content, sort of a vendor trying to push Associate in Nursing R-rated motion picture, thus we are able to match them with creators whose content fits their ads,” aforesaid Wojcicki within the letter revealed on Thursday,

According to the YouTube chief operating officer, the corporate has already started rolling out the platform. while not giving too several specifics, Wojcicki says that this program has already placed “hundreds of thousands of bucks in ads on yellow icon videos.” A yellow monetisation icon seems in the creator’s video manager once YouTube decides to limit advertising on a particular video thanks to its content.

Creators have long complained regarding the shortage of monetisation on “edgier content” influencing their inventive selections, and it seems YouTube is functioning to handle the problem.

That’s not the sole little bit of excellent news for additional adult-oriented YouTubers either. gambling creators can see some positive changes on the platform within the future too.

“For gambling creators, we’ve detected loud and clear that our policies got to differentiate between real-world violence and gambling violence,” writes Wojcicki. “We have a policy update coming back before long that may do exactly that. The new policy can have fewer restrictions for violence in gambling, however, maintain our horizontal bar to guard audiences against real-world violence.”

Currently, YouTube’s policies read violence, whether or not in real-life or simulated in an exceedingly game, because the same. This policy has clearly caused monetisation problems for creators.

Additionally, YouTube is functioning on updates targeted on users’ successfulness.

“Right now, we’re within the method of change our harassment policy pointers, and we’ll keep you denote as they’re finalized,” aforesaid Wojcicki. “As with all our policy updates, we’re talking with creators to form positive we’re addressing the problems that area unit most significant to the YouTube community.”

The YouTube chief operating officer conjointly assured creators tormented by burnout that their channels are simply fine if they take time to step far from the grind. and he or she brought proof from YouTube’s product team. in step with Wojcicki, once winnow through six years of knowledge across countless channels, the corporate found that creators on the average had additional views on their content after they come from a prospect than that they had before they left.

In the remainder of the letter, Wojcicki touts YouTube’s recent changes to its policy to curb copyright abuse against creators, the policy changes it's rolling out for kids' content as a results of a settlement with the Federal Trade Commission, the site’s new YouTube Studio backend, and also the quite a pair of,500 total updates created within the last year to the platform to enhance the service.

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