Everything You Need To Know About Buying And Taking Care Of A Cut Christmas Tree

Christmas tree buying and caring guide

I need some recommendation on getting and caring for a cut tree to brighten for Christmas this year.

— Kraut Johnson, Lake Forest

There will usually be a number of differing types of trees on a sales heap for you to settle on from. confirm that species of tree you discover most fascinating from AN aesthetic purpose of reading, like colour, kind and texture very wide among totally different trees.

Needle retention is additionally a crucial thought once selecting a tree and varies enormously between species. Firs like Canaan, balsam, noble and concolor retain their needles the longest and create nice cut trees. Their needles are rounded and softer to the bit. a number of the fir varieties are going to be costlier than spruce or pine varieties.

When selecting a cut Christmas tree within the sales heap, choose one with firm needles that don’t drop off once the tree is raised up a number of inches and born to the bottom. a tiny low quantity of needle drop is traditional, though. The needles ought to be resilient; not brittle, and will adhere to the twigs.

Another way to visualize the freshness is to softly grasp a branch between your thumb and finger and pull it toward you. only a few needles can come back off in your hand if the tree is recent. Even recent needles are going to be brittle once the temperature is extremely cold (below ten degrees Fahrenheit), however.

The tree ought to have a recent, pungent fragrance and a natural, waxy inexperienced look. The limbs ought to be full, bushy, symmetrical and powerful enough to support your ornaments. it'll be tough to hold ornaments on trees that are tightly sheared. all-time low of the stump ought to be dampish with some sap gift. Trees that were cut several weeks or perhaps months earlier can drop their needles shortly once being brought inside. I conjointly avoid shopping for cut trees that are “painted” inexperienced to boost their colour.

Care of all cut Christmas trees is mostly constant, despite the species. choosing a recent tree is most significant, as a dry tree won't take up water and can quickly become a hearth hazard. Store your tree during a bucket of water during a cool, forty to fifty degrees Gabriel Daniel Fahrenheit, wind-free and sun-free space, like AN unwarmed garage, till you place it within.

When it's time to bring the tree inside, create a right angle cut, about two inches from the bottom of the trunk — it's okay to cut a lot of, if you wish to shorten the tree. employees at the sales heap can usually provide to create this cut for you, however, an excessive amount of time could pass before you tumble put in within the tree stand with water. Ideally, you'd install the cut tree in water in but 2 hours once the bottom is cut. Diagonal cuts can create it harder to mount during a stand. Cutting your own tree at a Christmas woodland and conveyance the tree inside as on the point of Christmas as sensible can offer you the optimum freshness and quality.

Mount the tree during a stand that's sufficiently big to produce firm support and hold a decent quantity of water. Add water to the stand now once inserting the tree in it. Generally, water additives don't prolong the lifetime of the tree. Check the water level a minimum of one or two of times each day at the start, and add H2O as necessary. an outsized recent tree could use one gallon of water or a lot of within the initial twenty-four hours. The cut finish of the tree ought to be unbroken in water in any respect times. ne'er enable the water level to drop below the cut bottom of the trunk or a seal can kind on the cut in four to 6 hours and forestall it from absorbing water.

The tree can stay hearth-resistant as long because it keeps drawing water. select a location far from heat sources or open flames, like fireplaces, radiators or chamber vents.

Tim Johnson is the director of gardening for the Chicago biology Garden in Glencoe.

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