The Natural History Of Birdsong 

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Bird Song is an exceedingly complex and sophisticated communication system. It is Produced from the birds' syrinx, a sound box at the junction of the two bronchi, which lead to the lungs. Because there are two bronchi with membranes, sound can emanate from each and combine higher in the vocal tract, producing a Larg variety of sounds. 
   Complexity in the vocal muscles also translates into more complex songs. Birds sing to defend territory and to attract mates. some species even sing when pursued by predators to covey how robust they are. On the Whole, males sing more than female. The male brown thrasher has command of some 2000 different song. Male and Female Birds Sometimes sing duets, and groups of birds may sing together to defend a territory.
   Some species are especially adept at mimicry. Some Scottish starlings reproduce the sounds of sheep; some English Starlings even mimic city Buses.
Bird song history

Identifying Birds

There are millions of bird-Watcher in the world-people who look for, identify, and catalogue bird species. some participate in organized events, competing and mutually cataloguing their observation. Many keep life lists, recording all the birds they have seen over the years. To confirm a birds identity, bird-watchers note the distinctive appearance of certain body parts. 

all parts of a bird

1 Fact - 50 million years ago Archaeopteryx, a bird ancestor, had four feathered limbs, teeth and claws

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