History Of Map 

history of Map

Charting of the World begins with the Babylonians.

Some of the earliest known examples of maps - in the form of Babylonian Tablets - are Egyptian land drawings and paintings discovered in early tombs. However, in 1961 a town plan Catalhoyoyuk in Turkey was unearthed, Painted on a wall, Featuring houses and the peak of a volcano, it is around 8,500 years old.
The sixth-century tablet known as imago Mundi shows Babylon on the Euphrates, with cities on a circular landmass, surrounded by a river. 
However, Ptolemy underestimated the size of the Earth. His Suggestions that India could be reached by travelling westward resulted by Columbus underestimating the distance centuries later.
The 1891 International Geographical congress established specifications for a scale map of the world, and world wars 1 and 2 brought more progress.

First Map Of World

A Drawing of the Original Wall map found in Catalhoyuk, Turkey, Circa 6500 B.C.E

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